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Frequently asked questions

  • Tips (Bills tips)
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  • Basic know hows (vacuum, algae, etc..)"
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  • Cadillac Pools? Where did the name come from?
    As Bill was about to launch his new business idea, coming up with a name was the next step. With his career adventure unfolding Bill was also searching for a new vehicle. Always thinking very highly of the name Cadillac and their performance like most people do, Bill took that into consideration with wanting to stick out from every other swimming pool company with water and blue hues associating with their names. Then after purchasing the Cadillac Escalade it all came to Bill.. Being that he thought Cadillacs were top of the line Bill knew then, that was a good mindset to start his business off with and came up with the name Cadillac Pools.
  • What’s an Escalado?! (Truck)
    When Cadillac Pools took off Bill knew it was time to sell his true Escalade and get a more durable vehicle. Wanting to invest in a diesel truck his eyes were set on a Silverado. Again, wanting to be different and stand out with still having love for Cadillacs stay close to heart thoughts of putting a Cadillac Escalade front end on his new Silverado came to mind. Knowing in his contacts the right guy to make his dreams a reality. The Escalado was born and made in North Carolina by the same man who made the last two Bat Mobiles, Ted Walters.
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